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Pedestrian Passages

The pedestrian walks are part of a leisure outdoor activity which consists in walking on a planed passage road /route.

Although there are goals to be reach, these activities do not imply competition they have as main aim, adventure and contact with nature, and consequently the acquisition of the region’s knowledge.

Oleiros City Hall is on the process of creating a net of small and medium routes for the activity, where it’s included all the sub-regions, having as main aims the following:

- Let residents and visitors to know the region’s heritage by looking at it, the geologic formations, the flora, the fauna and its habitats as well as the local culture and its ethnographic wealth, gastronomy, festivities and customs.
- Integrate the natural, cultural and social wealth, in activities such as animation, environmental interpretation or sport in nature.

- To warn for the negative impacts that threaten the natural areas, and for the alternatives for its sustainable development.
- Promotion and revitalization of zones that by itself are penalized due to its location in a territory that tights the development potentialities.

Beyond the creation of routes for the pedestrian walk activity and all informative panels the project also includes the implementation of some avifauna observation towers, the creation of some informative brochures on fauna and its habitats and the installation of an Interpretation Ambient Centre to welcome visitors and supply information on the routes and all the places around it.

Some routes are linked together forming a bigger route ideal for the practice of BTT/Mountain Biking.

In order to allow these routes to be used by a diverse public, they will have different levels of difficulty: shorter routes and less declivous for children and older people and longer routes for the rest of the public.

Each route will have a brochure containing:

- Duration
- Distance
- Difficulty level
- Recommended season
- General recommendations
- Short descriptions on stops, including natural and ethnologic heritage
- Route map

The project first phase will consist in choosing the routes and classify them, this will be done by analysing its length, average duration, obstacles, difficulty level and how dangerous it can be as well a survey on geologic, floral and cultural aspects for each of the route.
At the end of this phase it will be possible to put all the collected information in a brochure, to then be given to the participants. These brochures will have contact information for any possible situation that might put in risk the forest and the participants.

Each route will have signal information such as:

- Informative panels, placed at the start of each route, with the following info: duration, obstacles, level, recommended season for practice, general recommendations, equipment, natural aspects, cultural and social aspects.
- Additional informative panels, placed throughout out the route indicating direction

The signalling will be done by the International and Portuguese Camping Federation norms all the materials used for its construction will not destroy the landscape.

Finally the promotion of the project will be done with posters and with inauguration walks on each route.

The information of all the brochures will be put together in one book, which will give the general idea of its biodiversity, landscape and cultural aspects.



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