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Panoramic Viewpoints

The region presents an accentuated relief, with many forest roads and paths which allows us to enjoy wide panoramic views such as: forest path “Serra do Cabeço Rainha”, forest path “Serra do Moradal”, the “Zebro” viewpoint, the old EN350 road in between Oleiros and Casal Novo and CM1189 IN between Amieira e Cambas.

The routes with a landscape interest, such as national roads, local roads or local paths, provide panoramic viewpoints and have a surrounding which is worth mentioning.

Such as:

- EN 350 old road, on the way to Madeirã;
- CM 1189 between Amieira and Cambas;
- Forest road and path Cabeço Rainha;
- CM 1214 between Oleiros and Roda;
- EM 548, in Sarnadas de S. Simão.

For places of a landscape interest which at some point can stand out from the rest of the territory because of their natural characteristics, their vegetation, the panoramic viewpoints and by the existence of a relevant heritage, we selected the following:

  1. Azenha – Isna River, old water exploitation structure fitted in a valley with mixed farming which is considered of a high landscape interest;
  2. Quartzite crest – Mosqueiro, stands out the geologic interest and the grandiosity of the rocky outcrop on River Zêzere;
  3. Quartzite crest – Zebro, stands out the geologic interest and the grandiosity of the rocky outcrop on River Casas de Zebreira;
  4. Abandoned quarry, without activity for some time, with good accessibilities, has a great potential to become a space for adventurous activities;
  5. Orvalho´s Picnic Park, built very recently, located in a great viewpoint place, with car parking;
  6. Casas de Zebreira picnic park, by the ER112 road;
  7. Bafareira Fluvial Beach, it’s being built in a valley near Bafareira village, where we can see some traditional architecture;
  8. Rocky Mountains in Fragas de Água d'Alta – Orvalho. Fragosas snaky Valley appears out of a curve in Orvalho´s road, little after we pass the conic mountain - Senhora da Confiança. By the excellent fountains which exist by the side of the road, a natural viewpoint allows us to admire the quartzite wall that rises from a dense forest where the Agua D´alta little river disappears.  By the sound of the water falling we can imagine the cascades of Fraga de Água D´alta falling. Cascades with 50 meters of 3 turbulent water veils. This beautiful landscape is inserted in a area from Geopark Naturtejo (first Portuguese geopark by UNESCO).

The Zêzere River and the Moradal Mountain stand out in the region by its difference, by its intrinsic quality, by the cultural meaning, defining itself as “singular elements” in the natural values letter.

Natural Landscape Zêzere River, Abitureira


Evening in Zêzere River, Abitureira


Panoramic view from Moradal Mountain


Sunset in Cabeço Rainha Mountain


Zêzere River, by Álvaro


Natural Metquartzite Wall in Ademoço, Cambas


Lontreira Dam, view from Cabeço Rainha mountain


Metquartzite, region´s limit Ademoço, Cambas


Fraga de Águad'Alta, Orvalho


View from the viewpoint - Zebro, Estreito


View from Cabeço das Eiras Mountain, at the end Alvaro´s village by Zêzere River



Cultural Agenda


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