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Oleiros River

This is a very pleasant place “…runs throughout the whole year between the trees, leaned over in many places over the waters, and moved by the wind, which seem wanting to be kissed…” (Pimentel, 1881).

Esta ribeira apresenta caudal ao longo de todo o ano, apresentando continuidade mesmo nos meses de This river has caudal all year around even in summer days. In rainy days the water floods some of the adjacent areas. It has some natural wells, because of the different depth of its bed (E.g: Lameira and Tojeira Mills).

Many nightingales and others birds, attracted by the local green coolness , celebrate day and night with its songs, creating a unique symphony together with the harmonious sound of water flow.

This river has a beautiful natural trout nursery. The silver tones of the trouts, represent authentic jewels of this river.
We can also find water snakes, crawfish and amphibians, but without a doubt that the otter (Lutra lutra) is the inhabitant which has more fans.

The arboreal inhabitants are mostly autochthons species, being the most known the (Alnus glutinosa), (Populus sp.) (Salix sp). Beyond these but also important we can find (Fraxinus angustifolia) and (Sambuxus nigra).

The River water is used to many purposes such as: land irrigation, water supply, for energy and for leisure activities such as fishing.

The riverside is an enchantment, with paradisiacal hidings which can provide delightful walks. By the riverside we can see some waterfalls bringing together this idyllic and welcoming scene, inviting us for a rest.


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