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In Oleiros region you can find many water mills by the rivers. These water mills are a great icon for this rural landscape, creating ambients of rare beauty.

Using the popular wisdom and technique to exploit the surrounding potentials, these water mills are moved by the water strength from the rivers.

As a motor for this device, the water is canalized in slots and stimulates the system which makes the rodizio/azenha move so the millstone goes around. The millstone triturates the seeds, transforming it into flour. This precious powder is then packed and ready to make bread.

The proliferation of these rural constructions was done by the introduction of the maize culture in the region. They could belong to a single owner, functioning as a small industry or as a group of owners, in most cases family groups.

As a region rich in water and schist lands, it’s very clear in here the alternative use of this resource.

These Water Mills are small schist constructions, we believe they have an enormous potential to be used as places for example, for culture and leisure.

Associated to these schist constructions there’s also dams which are built here to keep the water level. This magnificent framing constitutes a bucolic landscape, propitious to relax and to rest.



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