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Maintenance Circuit

The planning and creation of a Maintenance Circuit is presently taken place, this circuit will done inside of Oleiros Village in a green space, presenting the following points as main aims:

- Link the sports practice with nature, by combining sports and environment through a educational perspective aimed at present and future generations.
- Encourage people for the practice of physical activities as a vehicle to promote health, well-being and life quality.
- Implement sports practice to all ages.
- Stimulate the practitioner’s get-togethers
- Occupation of free-time


The chosen place to implement the Maintenance Circuit includes: Oleiros River Bank all the way from the “Roman Bridge” up to the Fluvial Beach - Açude Pinto.

The reason for choosing this place has to do with the fact being a very accessible location as it is inside Oleiro´s village, beyond that it’s also is plain land which is ideal for the practice.

This particular place is capable to respond to the increasing search of the nature activities, as a way to fight stress, the fact of having so many trees and being near by a water line the place remains cool even in the hottest day of high summer.

The proposed Maintenance Circuit is of Type B, meaning that it has: 10 exercise stations properly marked and with all the informative boards explaining the exercises and the physical load that should be used according to a specific age and physical ability of each person, it also has all the painted information marks on the trees according to all the norms used for pedestrians walks.

The boards that represent each one of the stations are all numbered and ordered in a logic sequence, so the exercise can be done in a correct and balanced way for the body.

Each information board contains:

- Drawings of one or more exercises.
- Number of repetitions associated to a colour which corresponds to a practice level.

Parallel to the Maintenance Circuit, it’s also proposed the implementation of a Bike Lane. This way the circuit implementation turns out to be a secure and healthy way to travel from Oleiros´s Village to the Fluvial Beach and Camping Park – Açude Pinto.

Implementation Zone 1   Implementation Zone 2   Implementation Zone 3


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