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Oleiros gastronomy is very rich and well-known, reason why so many gastronomes are attracted to the region.

These flavours from the forest include many typical dishes such as the famous Estonado Kid, maranhos, grilled trout, rabbit and chestnut soup.

You can delight yourself with the magnificent desserts such as :honey cake, maize mixture, as filhós and tigelada, all cooked based on the ancestral recipes. In some village regions such as Estreito and Madeirã it is possible to try the traditional cavacas, as it is the case of the Strait and the Madeirã.

Throughout the region’s riversides exists a unique type of grape which gives origin to a particular type o wine called callum “vinho callum”, this special wine can only be find in Oleiros. Callum wine is a white wine, very smooth, with a low alcoholic percentage which is very often compared with the greenish-coloured wine.

Due to the abundance of the fruit of the arbutus in the region, exists a large tradition in producing a very alcoholic drink called ''aguardente de medronho” or “medronheira”, very popular and gives use to the stills spread all around the region. This drink can be served as a digestive. It is the suggestion…

Águardente de Medronho   Medronheiro   Estonado Kid
Cured meat sausages “Enchidos”   Maranhos  
Fish of the River
Chestnuts   Traditional bread and corn bread.   Callum Wine
Callum Wine        


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