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Fauna and Flora

The Natural Heritage of Oleiro´s region is confined to the spectacular mountains ranges of: Alvéolos and Moradal Mountains and to the beauty of rivers and dams that contours the whole territory, this way the territory provides a great variety of habitats which take in great Flora and Fauna.



Beyond the Pine Tree Plantations which occupies most part of the forest area, the vegetation that can be found in the region belongs essentially to bush stratus. These can be found generally in places of bigger altitude, zones which more likely to suffer from successive fires. These heliófilos jungles (jungles dominated by species demanding solar light) are frequently composed by: gorse, heath and less frequently by: twisted heath, furze, fern and cistus.



The existing fauna in the region are the following:

Humidity Zones

On this group is mainly included the aquatic habitats as well as the entire river’s environment. The existing fauna is certainly influenced by the abiotic and biotic differences of each place, where the ciprinícolas species (water species) predominate.In terms of herpetofauna, all the amphibians are present here in one or all of its life cycle’s phases, where stands out an exclusive reptile river specie – water snake Viperina. The ornítica life that inhabits these zones is of a great variety, as an example is the Kingfisher, Cetti´s Warbler and the Moorhen which occur in an exclusive way all over these places. The mammary fauna is also frequently of this habitat, even so there’s only two species that remain here all their lives: water-mouse and otter.

Terrestrial Habitats

Pine tree and eucalyptus plantations occupy most part of the region; species like Psammodromus lizard, wood pigeon, green-woodpecker and Carrion crow among others are frequently here. The fauna diversity of these areas increases considerably when these formations find themselves associated to other types of occupation. Species like the wild pig and the mustelídeos (carnivorous mammals like a weasel) use these zones as a shelter.
On these fields of dry land and on the side of its valleys we can see species such as: slow-worm, white-stork, partridge, skylark, which are restricted to these areas, where it stands out the hare and the badger.
In the mines, inside old trees or any other places where can be lodge colonies of bats, deserve a special attention considering their precarious statute in Portugal.

Due to the inhospitable accessibility and the harness conditions of some fluvial valleys and scarped zones of the neighbourhood species of high ecological requirements like bird of prey are usually seen.


Cultural Agenda


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