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Oleiros fish fauna assumes a great relevance, specially the trout which always had a great representation in the region. In unpolluted fluvial habitats, with pure and crystalline waters inhabit species such as: Largemouth Bass and barbel, Rutilus alburnoides and catfish.

All of this variety helps the fishing sport which can be practiced in a number of rivers all over Oleiros region.


In waters of salmonídeos:

  • the period of fenced season of the trout to all is applied the piscícolas species;
  • during the time where he is free it fishes it of the salmonídeos is also free fishes it of any other piscícolas species in these water masses;
  • it is not allowed to get fat with natural larvae

Trout - (Salmo Trutta Fario)


Barbel - (Barbus Bocagei)


Largemouth Bass - (Micropterus Salmoides)



  Iberian Nase - (Chondrostoma polylepis)    


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