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Churches and Chapels

Built Religious Classified Heritage – Churches and Chapels

Oleiros has many places which are use for cult activities, religiosity testimonies which are kept throughout centuries. There are many secular and majestic temples in the region, to prove this there are a set of classified places in the village, being two of them of Public Interest, the church “Igreja Matriz” and the church “Igreja da Misericórdia”. The places classified as a Local Value, Oleiros has the chapel “Capela de Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens”.


Oleiros Church: Igreja Matriz


This Church is the most important and the oldest building in the village, a place where people have been for generations revealing their devotion.

Dedicated to “Nossa Senhora da Conceição”, it has suffered many reconstructions and repairs throughout the years. It started to be built in 1532 during D. Manuel I reign, but it took so many years to be build that it had to be repaired even before the construction was concluded (1715).


Oleiros Church: Igreja Matriz        

This Temple has a sober look, softened by two side ships, positioned lower than the main porch ship. Seen from outside this building doesn’t show all of the interior splendour.

To support the Church´s body weight, there are six Corinth columns, taken from a convent that used to exist in Mosteiro (small village near by), these columns support the main ship, given it amplitude and largeness.

The side walls are coated by beautiful figurative ceramic panels from the XVII century, representing a profane scene and the paradise expulsion, with Adam and Eva singularly represented by a XVII century way.

The altar is fascinating, coated with Hispanic tiles – Arabs from the XVI century, a certain Moorish inspiration is quite evident.

The Churche´s ceiling is worthy of appraises, with wooden boxes on which had been painted 27 pictures of the XVII century about Mariana evocation.

The five existing altars are fascinating and conserve the splendour of primitive times. These altars all have an elegant golden look and fabulous spiral columns which are evolved with grape tree leafs, grapes and birds with long tails.


Oleiros Church: Igreja da Misericórdia


Oleiro´s “Mercy House” had its license on 20th of May 1578, and inherited all of the Hospital Order goods. Its headquarters and its Chapel are situated next to the main Church: Igreja Matriz.

Oleiros Church: Igreja da Misericórdia


Detail of Oleiros Church: Igreja da Misericórdia


This sober building was built in the XVI century on D. Manuel I reign. Even thought there’s a registration date written on a panel outside the building that indicates 1714, which is probably the date when reconstruction works where concluded 200 years after the initial construction.

It presents a longitudinal plant, with a single ship and niche on the front wall.

In it´s interior is contemplated a golden altarpiece of national style with a cornice linked to the ceiling and covered with excellent painted boxes. The interior was recently restored with a very interesting intervention project.

It is in this chapel that exist real size images of S. João Evangelista, Nossa Senhora das Dores, Senhor dos Passos and Senhor Morto. These beautiful images with great expressiveness only leave the chapel on the Procession day “Procissão dos Passos” and on the Holy Week.


Oleiros Chapel: Nossa Senhora Mãe dos Homens

Chapel of the XVII century, a single space with transversal plan, has a tile roof and a wooden ceiling. The building front wall is turned to southwest and it’s coated in white and grey, having in the centre a porch door.


Álvaro Church: Igreja Matriz

  Dedicated to Apostle Santiago (1820) and reconstructed in the beginning of the XX century. This Church is composed by 5 golden altars. In the main altar there’s a tabernacle from renaissance times, which is a magnificent sculpture work in Ançã rock. There’s also in the chapel two very old and valuable images of Nossa Senhora, de Santiago and of S. João Baptista. In the main entrance on the right side there’s a Chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Conceição.
Álvaro Church: Igreja Matriz  




The sacristy ceiling is painted and worthy of being appreciated. The history of centuries is well documented in this rich heritage; the old rustic houses can be found throughout the village, making it a unique and traditional village.


Álvaro Chapel: Capela da Misericórdia

  Being classified as a building of Local Interest is considered the village’s “crown jewel”. Constructed by the end of the XVI century it evidences a certain Philippine influence, specially the ceiling decoration and the panels of the holy road.
Álvaro Chapel: Capela da Misericórdia  




The Chapel has just one ship, which is separated from the Main Chapel by a Cruise Arc made of stone. It is in this Chapel where some of the most interesting religious images are, such as Dead Christ with the Saints and S. Evangelista. This is a sculptured set of rare beauty.
Beyond the golden altar and the ceiling the Chapel, presents two niches where we can see sculptured figures in rock representing José de Arimateia and Nicodemos.
There’s also an image of Senhor dos Passos and some pictures of Ex- Votes.
The temples mentioned above are only the classified buildings of Local Value or Public Interest.

There´s other buildings in the region aimed at cult activities, such as Estreito´s Church: Igreja Matriz and Madeirã and Orvalho Churches. This fact is justified by the strong religiosity from de people of the region.

Churches and Chapels are spread all over the region, especially in villages where the population is bigger in number.

  In Alvaro´s region there’s eight religious architectural buildings. In Alvaro we can find the Church: Igreja Matriz, which is the most popular, the Chapel: Santo António, which is situated in one of the village´s highest points. The remaining chapels are situated in Sendinho de Santo Amaro with Santo Amaro Chapel, Corujeira with Senhora dos Aflitos Chapel (is a particular chapel), Sarnadas de Baixo, Longra with Santo António Chapel, Frazumeira with Santa Bárbara Chapel and Quartos de Aquém.
Álvaro´s Chapel: N.ª Sr.ª dos Aflitos  




In the region of Amieira exists four chapels, one in Abitureira – Chapel: N.ª Sr.ª da Guia, another in Urraca, Chapel: N.ª Sr.ª da Agonia, another in Amieira, Chapel: São Francisco de Assis and finally in Sendinho da Senhora – Chapel: N.ª Sr.ª dos Remédios.

Chapel: N.ª Sr.ª da Agonia – Amieira    Chapel: N.ª Sr.ª da Guia, Abitureira – Amieira   Chapel: N.ª Sr.ª dos Remédios, Sendinho da Senhora – Amieira

In Cambas region we have two Churches and five Chapels. The Chapels are in; Cambas – Old Igreja Matriz and Igreja Matriz. The Chapels are in: Brejas do Barco – Chapel N.ª Sr.ª da Saúde, Pizoria - Chapel Sr. Do Bom Fim, Caneiros - Chapel, Ademoço – Chapel and Rouco de Baixo – Chaple N.ª Sr.ª dos Remédios.  



Chapel N.ª Sr.ª dos Remédios - Rouco de Baixo


Cambas Church: Igreja Matriz (old)

  Chapel N.ª Sr.ª da Saúde, Brejas do Barco – Cambas   Chapel Sr. do Bom Fim, Pizoria – Cambas

In Estreito´s region none of the south places have Chapels, all the religious buildings are situated on the north side of the region. In Estreito we can find two Chapels – Chapel: S. Sebastião and Chapel: N.ª Sr.ª da Penha, in Ameixoeira we find Chapel: Sr.ª das Candeias, where some reconstruction work  was done and ended altering the original architecture but the Bell Tower was kept preserved because of the architectural interest, finally in Roqueiro we find the Church: N.ª Sr.ª das Neves.

Estreito Church: Igreja Matriz


Church N.ª Sr.ª das Neves -  Roqueiro – Estreito

  Chapel S. Sebastião – Estreito
Chapel N.ª Sr.ª da Penha – Estreito  

Chapel´s Bell : N.ª Sr.ª das Candeias, Ameixoeira – Estreito


Pillory in Estreito´s

Na freguesia de Isna existe uma capela e uma igreja, situadas nos principais aglomerados da freguesia, no aglomerado de Isna - Igreja da N.ª Sr.ª das Dores, e no aglomerado de Ribeira de Isna - Capela da N.ª Sr.ª da Confiança.
    Chapel N.ª Sr.ª da Confiança - Ribeira da Isna   Church N.ª Sr.ª das Dores – Isna

  In Madeirã´s region we can find 3 Chapels and one Church. The Church is situated in Madeira: Igreja Matriz and the Chapels, 3 of them are situated in Vilar Fundeiro and Cava and the other Chapel is situated a just outside of Madeirã.

Church: Igreja Matriz – Madeirã


  In Mosteiro´s region we find two buildings, a Church in Mosteiro: Igreja Matriz and a Chapel in Vale Souto: N.ª Sr.ª das Dores.

Chapel: N.ª Sr.ª das Dores, Vale de Souto – Mosteiro



Oleiros´s region is where we find more Chapels, making a total of eight. In Oleiros Village we find three - Chapel Espírito Santo, Chapel S. Sebastião and Chapel Sta. Margarida, Sta. Margarida Chapel is situated in the highest point of the village.

The other Chapels are situated in: Roda – Chapel Santa Bárbara, Rabaças - Chapel N.ª Sr.ª dos Remédios and Chapel N.ª Sr.ª da Saúde, Sr.ª das Candeias - Chapel Sr.ª das Candeias e Moucho.

Chapel N.ª Sr.ª da Saúde - Rabaças

  Chapel S. Sebastião – Oleiros   Chapel Espírito Santo – Oleiros
Chapel Largo das Freiras – Oleiros  

Chapel Santa Bárbara, Roda – Oleiros


Chapel Sr.ª das Candeias – Oleiros

In Orvalho´s region is possible to find four Chapels and one Church, three of these buildings are situated in the Orvalho village Chapel: S. Sebastião, Chapel: Santo António and Church: S. Bartolomeu. The other two Chapels are situated in Foz Giraldo, Chapel: N.ª Sr.ª da Nazaré and in Casas da Zebreira – Chapel: Santa Terezinha do Menino Jesus.  


      Chapel N.ª Sr.ª da Nazaré - Foz Giraldo - Orvalho
Chapel Sto. António – Orvalho   Church S. Bartolomeu – Orvalho  

Chapel Sta. Teresinha do Menino Jesus, Casas da Zebreira – Orvalho

In Sarnadas de S. Simão exists two Chapels and one Church. One of the Chapels is in Cardosa – Chapel Nossa Sr.ª da Conceição and the other buildings are in Sarnadas de S.Simão – Chapel: S. Sebastião and Church: Igreja Matriz.

Church: Igreja Matriz da Sarnadas de S. Simão


Chapel: N.ª Sr.ª da Conceição, Cardosa - Sarnadas S. Simão


Chapel: S. Sebastião - Sarnadas S. Simão

  Sobral´s region only has only one Church situated in Sobral de Baixo, Church – S. João Baptista.

Church S. João Baptista - Sobral de Baixo


  Vilar Barroco region has two Chapels and one Church. The Church and one Chapel are situated in town the other Chapel is situated in Vilarinho town – Chapel Nº Srª. De Fátima

Chapel N.ª Sr.ª de Fátima, Vilarinho - Vilar Barroco


There’s also the Bell Towers which are situated in: Estreito (placed in a space which is used as a roundabout), Orvalho (placed in a square), Sobral de Baixo (placed in a big open space which is used for festivities).

Bell Tower - Sobral de Baixo   Bell Tower – Estreito   Bell Tower - Orvalho

And finally we have also four Stone Crosses located in: Urraca, Estreito, Madeirã and Orvalho  
        Stone Cross – Urraca, Amieira


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