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Art Craft

In Oleiros the artcraft preserves some traditional know How, as an example are the cork seats (known as “tropeços”), currently produced in Gaspalha, Álvaro´s sub-region, the art to work the copper exists in the region of Estreito, the art to weave the linen stills being preserved in the region of Estreito and Orvalho. In old times great part of the population cultivated and weaved the linen in a unique dance with wires… this tradition was so rooted that people defend the exclusiveness of one specific technique on how to weave linen and silk, called “mantejas”.
Basketry is also an art with a certain expression in Oleiros and more recently people also started to work on decorative ceramic hand-painting.

These Know Hows are cultural testimonies, which bring to life the real traditional customs and habits of this people in all its pureness.



Cultural Agenda


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